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bonnie: Future RN ([personal profile] bonnie) wrote2009-05-01 10:06 am

New Blog

I've opened this blog here temporarily until I can get my hands on a new domain. Then this blog will become a Mac-app center, a place to link the useless programs I make for the G4/Intel Mac. I need to get my hands on a G5 somewhere, before they become rare, so I can test my programs on one of them.

For the people coming here from my school: Get an OpenID now, with your university Gmail address, before you graduate. If you want an invite code, leave me a comment with your email address (the one you want permanently associated with your account here) and I'll see to it that you get a code, before May 10th. Family members who want codes here, I can provide them too.

I'm still doing handwriting fonts for anyone who is interested.